West of Fairfax is the world's leading social media lifestyle marketing agency

known for its organic approach to developing the right content fit around brand culture and community building.


We believe we’ve found a desire within the social media agency space

for a company that is primarily focused on increasing engagement and raising brand awareness through driving real organic traffic to social media followers, by creating brand identity and positive brand association.

While most social media companies use marketing strategies focused around advertising campaigns, West of Fairfax utilizes ephemeral content, influencers, video content, and storytelling to reach target audiences. We provide relationship-building and regular engagement by focusing more on the interest of your customers, not the quality of your advertisements. Our belief is that personal, deeper connections between brands and social media users will be more effective in the growth and capitalization of your company.

West of Fairfax provides a full range of services focused around providing content relevant to the needs of your company and the goals you would like to achieve. We help to identify key areas of improvement and know how to pinpoint those pain points to create solutions and drive your business forward to the next level. West of Fairfax creates unique marketing strategies and content that does not follow a one size fits all model. Instead our services are modified and altered to provide businesses with personalized insight about the current state of your business. We know the importance of communication and are sure to listen to your goals, motivations, expectations, and needs. We then work together to determine proper course of action and agree on a timeline of deliverables. As a service, our job is to provide the knowledge, expertise, and connections in the social media space to help your company stand out among the rest. We are confident in our ability to target audiences, create the right content, develop sound marketing strategies, and deliver the results you’ve been looking for.


Courtney Barry Courtney Barry

Founder & President

Courtney’s expertise in visual branding and social building has her at West of Fairfax lending her top tier taste and strategic abilities. Across all platforms, Courtney has her finger on the pulse of culture and brings the ability to communicate creatively and genuinely.

Ryan Good Ryan Good

Founder & Community Director

Ryan Good, to West of Fairfax, brings his experience of artistic branding and product culture. His many years of community building within music, film/tv, and fashion brands has him with the ability to strategize and communicate optimum direction for building brands in a social environment.

Joe Termini Joe Termini

Founder & Creative Director

Joseph Termini as creative director brings his visual artistry and extensive experience producing, shooting and developing mixed media content for major brands and influential partners.